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Work for Couriers: Courier work, once primarily associated with delivering letters and packages, has now taken on an entirely new dimension. The advancement of technology, especially the rise of the digital economy, has transformed this profession, creating new opportunities for those seeking both permanent employment and additional income. The modern courier is often an individual on two wheels, delivering food from top restaurants directly to the customer’s door. Is this work suitable for everyone? What skills are needed to effectively perform this role?

Why do couriers need technology?

In recent years, technology has had a tremendous impact on the job market, particularly in the service sector. With modern food ordering apps, courier work has gained a new dimension. Couriers are now not only deliverers but also a crucial link connecting restaurant kitchens with the homes and offices of customers.

Time and convenience have become key factors for modern consumers. Technology enables customers to access a wide range of restaurants and menus without leaving their homes, which is particularly important in today’s times.

What does courier work look like?

Couriers primarily need to deliver food on time, requiring both speed and efficiency. This work often begins with logging into an app that acts as an intermediary between customers and restaurants. After receiving an order from the customer, the courier picks up the food from the chosen restaurant and delivers it to the specified address. Delivery time is a crucial element of this service – the shorter, the better.

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What skills should a courier possess?

  1. Navigation Skills: A good knowledge of the local area is crucial for every courier. Knowing alternative routes and shortcuts can contribute to reducing delivery time, positively impacting customer satisfaction.
  2. Technology Proficiency: Courier work in the digital age requires the ability to use a mobile app and GPS devices for navigation. Familiarity with these tools is essential for effective work.
  3. Communication Skills: Courier work also requires communication skills with customers. Being polite and professional in every situation is always appreciated by customers.
  4. Availability: Most food orders come in at specific hours, such as lunch or dinner. Therefore, it is essential for a courier to be available during peak hours.

Advantages of Courier Work

Courier work offers significant flexibility regarding working hours. Courier companies such as Jush, Bolt, Wolt, and Glovo allow employees to set their own schedules, which is ideal for those who need working hours tailored to their personal commitments, such as studying or other responsibilities.

Courier work often involves delivering packages or food to various parts of the city. This allows couriers to get to know their city better, including interesting places they might miss while working in other professions.

Modern technologies greatly facilitate courier work. Food ordering apps or specialized delivery management systems assist in organizing work, tracking orders, and navigation.

Is Courier Work Ideal for Students?

Courier work is a good way for students to earn extra income. Not only does it offer flexibility in working hours, but it also provides an opportunity to earn additional money. Couriers can work according to their own schedules, allowing them to balance work with their studies. Moreover, it is an excellent way to maintain physical fitness, especially if cycling is chosen as the means of transportation.


Courier work in the digital age is not only a challenge but also an opportunity for development and acquiring new skills. Flexibility in working hours, the ability to manage routes independently, and competitive compensation are just a few of the benefits that can result from undertaking this type of employment. Therefore, if you value physical activity, flexibility, and want to be part of a growing delivery industry, it’s worth exploring job opportunities on popular delivery platforms.

If you are considering working as a courier, it’s worth exploring the available offers on the Avalon website, as well as companies like Jush, Bolt, Wolt, or Glovo. Each of these companies offers not only work but also a range of associated benefits. Flexible working hours, competitive compensation, and additional perks are just part of what they can offer.

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