Earnings at Glovo 2024:

Earnings at Glovo 2024: When contemplating a career change or seeking an additional source of income, we often consider the earning opportunities offered by various companies and industries. In recent years, the courier services and takeout food sector has experienced incredible growth, with Glovo being one of the industry leaders. In 2024, the company presents new perspectives for its employees. Is it worth paying attention to Glovo’s proposals? Let’s find out more about this.

How Couriers Earn?

Couriers are individuals whom we constantly trust by entrusting them with goods or food, hoping that it will reach our homes quickly and safely. But what benefits does the courier derive from this?

  • Hourly Rate vs. Delivery Commission: Many couriers appreciate the flexibility of working at Glovo. Depending on their choice, they can work at a fixed hourly rate, ranging from 35 PLN/h to even 50 PLN/h. It all depends on the city in which the courier chooses to work, the season, and the volume of orders. The second option is receiving a commission for each delivery, which is particularly attractive for those who can optimize their routes and complete more orders in a shorter time.
  • Bonuses and Premiums: In response to the dynamically growing market and increasing competition, the company has introduced a system of bonuses and premiums for couriers who demonstrate the highest efficiency and receive positive feedback from customers.
  • Support and Training: Every new courier receives training during which they learn how to optimize their work, ensure safety, and become familiar with the tools available to help them in their daily tasks.

Why Choose Glovo?

Realizing that the choice of an employer is one of the most important decisions in everyone’s professional life, it’s worth taking a closer look at the advantages Glovo offers.

Flexibility as the Foundation

Everyone values the ability to adjust their work schedule to their needs. Are you studying? Do you have a family? Or perhaps you run an additional business? In Glovo, this is not a problem. You decide when and how much you want to work. This allows you to easily tailor courier work to other responsibilities or passions.

Technology at the Forefront

In the age of digitization, it’s beneficial to collaborate with a company that invests in modern technologies. The Glovo courier app is continually improved, facilitating smooth communication, easy order acceptance, and access to essential information in real-time. All of this translates into work comfort and efficiency.

Support at Every Step

Not everyone has experience in the courier industry. Glovo understands this and therefore offers comprehensive training for new employees. Furthermore, during work, you can rely on the support of coordinators and the technical team.

Sustainable Development

Development doesn’t only mean increasing the number of deliveries or territorial expansion. Glovo also emphasizes sustainable development. The previously mentioned eco-initiatives and investments in low-emission vehicles demonstrate the company’s responsible approach to the surrounding world.

Why Join the Glovo Team?

Why join the Glovo team? Primarily because of flexibility – you can work as much as you want and when you want. Training and technological support enable a quick start, even for those with no experience in the courier industry. An attractive system of salaries, bonuses, and premiums allows for achieving satisfying earnings.

Zarobki w Glovo 2024

Professional Development and Work in the New Year

If you are someone seeking professional development opportunities and looking for work in the new year, a job offer in a dynamically growing company like Glovo may be an interesting option. Here are a few reasons to consider this proposal:

  • Dynamic Market: Glovo operates in the dynamic market of deliveries and courier services. This means you have the chance to participate in an industry that is constantly evolving and attracting new customers.
  • Skill Development: Working in a delivery company like Glovo can help you develop various skills, such as time management, work organization, communication, and the use of technological tools. These skills can be valuable in other areas of professional life.
  • Flexibility: Glovo offers flexible working hours, allowing you to adjust work to your schedule and other commitments. This is an ideal option for those who want to work full time, as an additional income in their free time, or only on selected days of the week.
  • Salary System: The company offers an attractive salary system, bonuses, and premiums, meaning you can influence your earnings through your performance and work.
  • Independence: Working as a Glovo courier gives you independence and control over your work. You are your own boss, making decisions about your work.

If you are interested in development opportunities and working for a company operating in a growing industry, a job offer at Glovo may be attractive to you.


In 2024, Glovo continues its mission of offering innovative solutions in the home delivery industry. Attractive earnings, extensive support, and continuous development are just some of the benefits that attract new couriers to collaborate with the company. If you are looking for development opportunities, it’s worth paying attention to the proposals of this dynamically growing company.

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