FAQ Uber

  1. How can I register to become an Uber driver?

    To register as an Uber driver, you must visit Uber’s official site and complete the registration form by providing necessary personal information and documents such as your driver’s license, vehicle registration, and insurance policy.
  2. What are the requirements to become an Uber driver?

    Requirements may vary by city, but generally include a minimum age 18, a valid driver’s license, a suitable vehicle, and passing a verification process and criminal background check.
  3. What cars are accepted by Uber?

    Uber accepts cars that are in good condition, usually not older than 10-15 years, with 4 doors and capable of carrying at least 4 passengers
  4. How much can I earn working as an Uber driver?

    Earnings for Uber drivers depend on the number of trips made, hours worked, and the city and region. Uber offers flexibility in work, allowing you to adjust earnings to your needs.
  5. Can I work for Uber part-time?

    Yes, working for Uber offers full flexibility, meaning you can set your own work schedule, whether full-time, part-time, or only on certain days.
  6. How does Uber calculate fares?

    Fares are calculated based on the duration and distance of the trip. Different cities may have different base rates, per kilometer charges, and per minute charges.
  7. Do I need to own a car to work for Uber?

    Yes, you typically need your own car to work for Uber, but in some cities, there are options for renting through external partner companies like Avalon. You can take advantage of renting a car from our fleet. RENT A CAR
  8. How does Uber support drivers in case of issues with passengers?

    Uber offers support for drivers through the app and an online help center, where incidents can be reported and assistance in resolving issues can be received.
  9. Can I choose which trips I accept?

    Yes, as an Uber driver, you have full control over which trips you accept. You can freely decide when and where you work, as well as which orders you fulfill.
  10. What are the most common mistakes new Uber drivers make and how to avoid them?

    The most common mistakes include not knowing the area of operation, ignoring strategies to maximize earnings such as working during peak hours, and insufficient communication with passengers. To avoid them, it’s advisable to familiarize yourself with the app, plan work in the best locations and times, and ensure good contact with passengers.

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