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1. How can I become a Glovo courier?

To become a Glovo courier, you simply need to meet a few straightforward criteria, such as having a vehicle (bike, scooter, car), knowing Polish or English, and having a smartphone with internet access. The registration process includes signing an agreement with a partner, creating an account on the settlement portal, and completing a short online training.

2. Do I need to have my own company to collaborate with Glovo?

No, having your own company is not required. In Poland, almost 90% of Glovo couriers collaborate with a fleet partner, allowing them to work without the need to establish a business.

3. What is a Glovo fleet partner?

A fleet partner is a company that collaborates with Glovo, offering courier services. They hire couriers, enabling them to work on flexible terms, and also handle tax and settlement matters.

4. What are the benefits of collaborating with a fleet partner?

Collaborating with a fleet partner means flexible working hours, support in the registration and training process, and assistance with tax matters. Partners often offer additional benefits such as fuel cards or discounts on car parts.

5. Do I need special documents to become a Glovo courier?

No special documents, such as business registration, sanitary book, or license, are required to become a Glovo courier. The registration process involves signing an agreement, creating an account on the settlement portal, and completing a short online training.

Glovo usługi dostaw na życzenie

6. Can I work on multiple delivery apps simultaneously?

Yes, many Glovo fleet partners allow couriers to work on various delivery and taxi platforms, increasing potential earnings.

7. What are the payment conditions for Glovo couriers?

Payment conditions may vary depending on the fleet partner. It’s essential to check payment terms, minimum payout amounts, and any potential fees or commissions.

8. Is there support for couriers during work?

Yes, a good fleet partner should offer support during the registration process, training, and assistance during daily work. This support can cover both technical and organizational issues.

9. What additional benefits are there for couriers collaborating with Glovo?

Additional benefits may include fuel cards, discounts on car parts, or support for foreigners. It’s worth checking if the chosen partner offers extra bonuses.

10. Can I change my fleet partner while collaborating with Glovo?

Yes, in case of changing a fleet partner, it’s advisable to consult with Glovo and inquire about the procedures and any potential limitations during the partner change.

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