FAQ Bolt

  1. How can I register to become a Bolt driver?

    To become a Bolt driver, you need to fill out an online application form on the Bolt website or app, providing your personal details, driver’s license details, vehicle information, and any required documents.
  2. What are the requirements to become a Bolt driver?

    The general requirements include reaching the age of majority, having a valid driver’s license, owning or having access to a vehicle that meets Bolt’s standards, and marking your vehicle according to specified standards.
  3. What kind of vehicle do I need to drive with Bolt?

    Bolt typically requires a vehicle in good condition, not too old, with at least four doors and sufficient space to comfortably accommodate passengers. If you do not have your own vehicle, you can rent one from our fleet. RENT A CAR
  4. How much can I earn as a Bolt driver?

    Earnings depend on the number of rides, time of day, and demand. Bolt offers drivers a flexible schedule, allowing them to maximize earnings through more hours of work or during peak hours.
  5. Is there a commission fee for driving with Bolt?

    Yes, Bolt charges a commission fee on the fares earned by drivers. This percentage can vary depending on the region, so it’s best to check the information that appears in the area you want to drive in.
  6. Can I work for Bolt part-time?

    Absolutely. Bolt offers flexible working hours, allowing drivers to choose when they work. This makes it suitable for those looking for part-time work or wanting to supplement their income.
  7. How does Bolt’s pricing work?

    Bolt’s pricing is dynamic and can vary depending on factors such as the city, time of day, and demand. Prices are calculated and include a base fare plus a charge per kilometer and per minute.
  8. How do I get paid for my rides?

    Drivers receive payment directly into their bank accounts. The frequency of payments can vary, but Bolt typically processes payments weekly.
  9. What support does Bolt offer its drivers?

    Bolt provides support through an in-app help center and dedicated support teams for drivers. They offer assistance in case of app issues, account questions, and any disputes that may arise.
  10. How do I manage my availability and ride requests?

    Through the Bolt driver app, you can easily switch between being online and offline to manage when you are available to accept ride requests. You have the flexibility to accept or reject rides as you prefer.

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